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Good Hope School, Clear Water Bay Road [1955- ]

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In use
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c.1955-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

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Good Hope School 1957-Primary5.JPG

Greeting.  OldTimer (third from left) and his Primary 5 classmates (1957) next to Mount Good Hope.  A part of the Kai Tak runnway on the water was visible from this site until construction of the high rise buildings.  Regards, Peter

Hi Peter,

Thanks for posting your photo. It is a girls school now, but did it start out as a boys only or mixed school? Do you know when they switched to being a girls only school?

Regards. David


Left to right: Henry Butt, Paul Wu, OldTimer Peter. George Leung, Michael Chau, Henry Tong, David Wong.   Not in photo - Ronald Tam.

The name was Good Hope Anglo-Chinese School accepting boys and girls at the primary level.  We were in the morning English section and the Chinese section had classes in the afternoon.  Girls outnumbered the boys more so towards P6.  In 1957 when I started, it had one Form 1 class girls only and thereafter expanded to full secondary section.  I don't know the exact timing but I think they phased out boys enrollment at the primary level sometime in the early 1960s.

Fate and luck placed me in this school.  There are sites that rate/rank schools using qualitative and metrics parameters and one site ranks the school being Number 3 in HK.  I am not surprised.

Regards, Peter

When I was in kindergarten during 1968-70, I used to go to Good Hope everyday on a school bus to pick up the driver's daughters there before going home. I think it was already a girl's school by then.

Childhood memories are fading from me...but I still remember when the school bus went up Clearwater Bay Road, there was a big white bottle (10 feet?) standing on the edge on the right. I had no idea what it was for. There was also a seriously foul smell in that area. Sometimes the scene of me sitting in the bus would hit me when a similar foul smell triggers my forgotten memories!



Greetings.  Thanks Nelson for sharing your memories.  About one-half minute into the bus ride uphill, there was a sign "Wai Kee Ngou Nai".  It was on the left side of the road where it curves to the right such that it was visible to people travelling uphill.  Next to the sign was a large milk bottle for advertisement purpose.  The foul smell could be from the manure.  Us kids used to have super senses.  Ice cream back then taste better than today's, I still think.  Regards, Peter