E Contingent, Hong Kong Police [1930-????]

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This was made up of Russian policemen:

The problem of piracy had always plagued the waters of Hong Kong for some time when, in 1930, the British armed forces in Hong Kong decided to stop escorting the vessels plying the waters around Hong Kong. This mission naturally fell on the shoulders of the Police Force, which formed an Anti-Piracy Guard by recruiting 25 White Russians. The Police Force classified these Russian policemen as Group E.

Source: http://www.police.gov.hk/offbeat/777/eng/f03.htm

The first contigent of the Anti-Piracy Guard established in 1930 , by HKLray


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Photos of this organisation:



1930 Anti Piracy Guards
1930 Anti Piracy Guards, by Moddsey

HK Telegraph 1 September 1930

All the Russians wear a Cawnpore helmet with a white metal crown as cap badge, khaki tunic and shorts, black boots and blue puttees, and a pistol belt as used by the Shanghai Municipal Police. The shoulder badge reads 'H. K. P.' while each man wears a red brassard bearing the letters 'P. G.'  (Pirate Guard).

From 1938 - Empress of Canada in the Harbour


1938 RMS Empress of Canada
1938 RMS Empress of Canada, by Moddsey