Constantine Alexander KRILOFF / KENNEDY (aka Costia / Alex) [1905-1954]

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Constantine Alexander
Kriloff / Kennedy
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Costia / Alex
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Nikki Veriga asks:

does anyone have any information/knowledge about Alexander (Alex) Kriloff who, I believe, was involved with BAAG?  He was also known as Alex Kennedy. He was my uncle - brother-in- law of Vitaly (Vic) Veriga.


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The Kriloffs were great friends of my mother, and I knew them well as a child. I don't recall anybody by the name of Alex, but Costia was also a brother-in-law of Vitaly. Costia was also with the police, and I think he might have been part of BAAG, but apparently he was also in India or Burma on some specal assignment. I have a few pictures of Costia and his wife Lydia (Vitaly's sister). David, please let Nikki know she can contact me at any time.


Could this be your man ?

Constantine Alexander KRILOFF   b 6.1.1905 in Russia    enlisted HKP 27.5.1930  as L/Sgt E 6 . appears in photo of1st Anti-Piracy Guard to Shanghai on Empress of Canada.Leter transfered to Special Branch,Passport Enquiry Section,Naturalized British in 1937,to Leave on 3.12.1941,ship bombed in SGP,to Australia,joined Dept of Manpower,also served in KunMing,post war returned to HK,awarded Colonial Police Long Service Medal 27.5.1948 in rankof Inspector,retired Oct 1953,died Australia 1954.

Thanks Bob and 1314, I've let Nikki know about your replies. There were also several replies on the Stanley Camp list that confirm we're all talking about the same person:

  • Nikki Veriga: Yes, [the man that Bob mentioned] is the right man.  The other lady in the photo is Vitaly's eldest sister Aga:
Vitaly Veriga - Family
Vitaly Veriga - Family, by Bob Tatz
  • Michael Martin: Dad told me that after Kriloff left HK he continued to served in places such as India and Burma with the OSS. I'll ask Dad some more about him when I next speak to him.
  • Elizabeth Ride: The records of Russian Hongkong Police during the occupation state that C. Kriloff left Hongkong for Australia a few days before hostilities, and that his wife was in Australia.