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1950 Military Installations Closed Areas

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(Cap. 245, section 10).

(Ordinance No. 59 of 1948).

[17th November, 1950.]

1.    This order may be cited as the Military Installations Closed Areas (Amendment and Consolidation) Order.

2.    The areas and buildings specified in the Schedule hereto are hereby declared to be closed areas.



Area or Building.

Map Ref.
Hind 1009
3rd Ed.

Description and Remarks.



Stanley Fort


That part of the Stanley Penin­sula which lies South of a fence running East and West from the military guard room.


Cape Collinson Camp


The area south of a line joining- points 655946, 656947, Guard Room, 656948, 657947. There is no permeter wire.


The War Memorial Hospital


Naval Hospital.


The Bowen Road Hospital


Military Hospital.


Lyemun Fort


All areas East of track run­ning South-East from beach at point 633987 to track junction at point 636986; South and East of the line connecting track junction at point 636985; building at point 633985 and building at point 633979; and East of contour 150 including Sai Wan Hill Beach at point 638973.


Causeway Bay Camp


Camp at the junction of Cause­way Bay Road and Tung Lo Wan Road. Surrounded by a fence.


R.A.F. Unit Billets, No. 1 Calder Path


House and garden on the corner of Macdonnell Road and Calder Path. Surrounded by a wall.


Victoria Peak Wire­less Station


R.A.F. Wireless station bounded by fence.


Chung Hum Kok


Isolated barracks surrounded by fence.


Mt. Davis Camp


That portion of Mt. Davis, marked with notice-boards, lying above the 200 metre contour.



Whitfield Barracks


The area bounded by Nathan Road, Austin Road, Canton Road and Haiphong Road and surrounded by a wire fence.


Gun Club Hill


The area bounded by Austin Road, Chatham Road, Gascoigne Road, barbed wire fence on foot-path from Austin Road to Jordan Road.


Railway Hotel


Middle Road, Kowloon; sur­rounded by a wall.


Military Hospital, La Salle College


At the junction of Boundary Street and La Salle Road.


Telephone Company’s Building, Kowloon.


Nathan Road, opposite Whit­field Barracks.


R.A.F. Explosives Area.


N.W. of Kai Tak Airfield bounded by a fence.


Ordnance Depot and Camp, Kowloon Tsai


The area on the west side of Waterloo Road, bounded by Waterloo Road and a peri­meter fence, opposite Somerset Road and Suffolk Road.


Argyle Street Camp No. 2


Area on South side of Argyle Street surrounded by wire fence with front on Argyle Street.


Argyle Street Camp Nos. 3 & 4


Area on North side of Argyle Street, bounded by Argyle Street, Leven Road, Sheung Yan Road, and a barbed wire fence from Sheung Yan Road to Argyle Street.


Officers' Mess, Kai Tak


Bounded by Kun Tong Road, stone wall and earth embank­ments.


Chatham Road Camp


Contained in a perimeter wire fence bounded on the North by the Merchant Navy football- ground, on the South by the Bible Auditorium, oh the East by Chatham Road and on the West by the line of the railway.


R.A.S.C. Anchorage, Shamshuipo


The area enclosed by a line joining points 540046, 538044, 543042, 544043 and bounded on the South-West by a line of sixteen buoys extending be­tween point 533044 and 543042; on the North-East by the quay­side and the old Shamshuipo Typhoon anchorage break­water. The area is demarcated on the South-West by two Dan buoys each carrying a red flag and on the North-East by a pole bearing a red flag on the Shamshuipo breakwater and a red marker on the quay.



Fanling Camp


Lots Nos. 4347, 4348, 4348A, 4348B, 4348C, 4349, 4350, 4351, 4352, all in D.D. 51 Fanling. Surrounded by wall and fence. Formerly known as the Rural Training College.


Fan Hill Camps (a)


The camp which includes Lots Nos. 4543, 4544, 1877C, 1877D, 1880A, 1881A, 1882, 1883, 1884, 1885A, 1886B, 1887C, 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891, 4486 and located opposite D’Almada's Bungalow. Bounded by a wire fence.




The camp which includes Lots Nos. 1936-1938, 1939 (Crown land) 1940, 1941, 1960-1965, 1967, 1968 located South of the N.T. Police Depot and West of (a).


Quarry Camp


The military camp which is in the place locally known as Tan Kwai Tsun, Ping Shan and which includes the following lots in D.D. 124:—2497A, 2589A1, 2598-2600, 2611A, 2615-2641, 2643-2646, 2648, 2651, 2653-2656, 2664, 2700.


Far East Farm Camp


The military camp in the place locally known as Kau Pang, Tun Mun. Bounded by a wire fence.


Erskine Camp


On the Clearwater Bay Road. 300 yards South of the junction with Hiram’s Highway. Sur­rounded by a single strand fence.


Tai Lam Camp




The military camp known as Tai Lam Camp near So Kun Wat including Officer’s Mess at point 362083. The former being bounded by a wire fence.


Volunteer Slope Camp


The former volunteer Camp at the end of the track West of Fanling railway station together with such other ad­jacent areas as are temporarily occupied by the military.


Kwan Ti Camp


That part of Lot No. 483B in D.D. 83 which lies on the South side of the main road and sur­rounded by a wire fence.


Tam Mi Camp


The military camp in the place locally known as Q.B. Piggeries, Ngau Tam Mi and including Lot No. 4446 in D.D. 104.


Queen’s Hill Camp


That part of the area of Crown and private land south of the main Fanling-Shataukok road, known as Queen’s Hill, which is occupied by the military and surrounded by a wire fence.


Hill 29 Camp


The military camp in the place locally known as Nim Po, Lam Ti, Ping Shan and including part of Lot No. 2527, in D.D. 130 bounded by a wire fence.


Greenville Amuse­ment Park Camp


North of Taipo. Lots Nos. 183C, 169C, 651, 655, 656, 681, 831, 232, 226, 227B, 225, 224, 223, 222, 212, 214, 213, 199, 200, 207, 209, 210, 211, 186, 202, 215, 201, 170B, 191, 206, 189, 204, 203, 205, 188, 190, 220, 198, 185, 187, 621, 208, all in D.D. 5.


Sek Kong Camp Area


The area known locally as the Kam Tin airfield, bounded as follows—on the East by a stream, on the South by a concrete nullah, on the West by a nullah and approach road, on the North by a wire fence and the main road.


Beas River Camp


H.K. Jockey Club Stables, Kam Tsin, including such area of the following lots as is surrounded by a wire fence—Nos. 213-215, 217, 218, 220, 221, 223, 224, 236, 237, 239, 241, 242-255, 258. 260-263. 265, 266, 268-273, 275- 281, 283-288, 290, 291, 308, 309, 311-320, 322, 324-330, 331A-333, 335-340, 342, 345, 347-349, 904, 907, 908, 910 all in D.D. 94, 1128, 1169, 1170, 1172-1181, 2040-2042 in D.D. 92. S.S.I.L. Nos. 9-12.


San Wai Camp


Situated North of the Fanling- Shataukok Road and includes most of the old Kwanti race­course. The camp consists of W.D. Lots 24, 25 and 31 and an adjacent area of Crown land, the whole being surrounded by a wire fence.


Pak Yuen Camp


The camp known as Pak Yuen in the property locally known as Pak Yuen, Hung Shui Kiu, Ping Shan, and including the following Lots or portions of Lots in D.D. 124—1872, 2272/ 75, 2278/82, 2284B/88.


Lo Wu Camp


That portion of W.D. Lots Nos. 29, 36, 37 and 38 which is sur­rounded by a wire fence.


Dodwell’s Camp


On a ridge East of the Golf Club approach road and com­prising bungalows and grounds on Lot 3423 and S.S.I.L.’s 3 & 4, a house and garden on Lots 2975, 3423, 3564, 3565, 3574, 3575 and the intervening land comprising Lot 3449 and Crown Land.


Ho Tung Farm Camp


South of the main road, opposite the Hong Kong experimental pig farm. Lots Nos. 736 and 927C in D.D. 92.


Dill’s Corner Camp


(a) A wired area of Crown Land adjoining the W.D. road to Lo Wu and in the vicinity of Dill’s Corner.


White House


(6) The former Ebenezer Home, Lot No. 1952 in D.D. 95.


Cafeteria Camp


The military camp situated North of the Castle Peak Road between 18th and 19th mile stones consisting of permanent buildings, Nissen huts and tents. Also the car and plant park South of the road. The areas are bounded by a wire fence.


Arculli’s Camp


At Lok Lo Ha, comprising (a) Lots Nos. 385, 388, 393, (b) the ex-Wah Kiu School on Lots 381-384, (c) the Ming Wu Hotel on Lots 371-374, 376 all sur­rounded by wire, and (d) to­gether with a wired area of Crown land lying between the causeway and the Railway at at Fo Tan.


China Light & Power, Taipo


West of the Taipo Road and about 1/2 mile South of Island House, Taipo Inland Lot No. 13 together with Lots 24-26 and and 34-38 in D.D. 32 and an area of adjacent Crown land surrounded by a wire fence.


Tate’s Cairn Camp


The area of land lying to the North of the military road in the vicinity of Tate’s Cairn and enclosed by a line joining points 612077, 615078, 612078 and 615079.


Norwegian Camp


The military camp situated South-West of Hadden Hill about 400 yards from the main road. The centre of the camp area is at point 455231 and the perimeter is bounded by points 456234, 456235, 457234, 453228, 456228, 455237 and 458231.


Tat Tak


The camp known as Tat Tak in the place locally known as Fong Yuen, San Hui, and including Lots Nos. 153 and 154 in D.D. 131.


Shing Mun Road


All that area included within a line drawn at a distance of fifty yards from each side of the Shing Mun Road from point 505092 to point 527107.


Clearwater Bay Peninsula


That part of the Clearwater Bay Peninsula which lies South and East of a line (indicated by a post and wire fence) running across the Peninsula from shore to shore and crossing the Clearwater Bay Road at point 673037.


Crest Hill Observation Post


An area enclosed by a circular wire fence of approximately 50 yds. radius with a military observation post at the centre.


Sandy Ridge Observation Post


An area enclosed by a circular wire fence of approximately 50 yds. radius with a military observation post at the centre.


Pak Fu Shan Observation Post


An area enclosed by a circular wire fence of approximately 50 yds. radius with a military observation post at the centre.


Naval Station, Chik Chau


The whole of Chik Chau (Port Island) situated at Mirs Bay in the entrance to Tolo Channel.


Naval Station, Cheung Chau


The derelict house known as “Westward Ho” and the grounds thereof situated on the island of Cheung Chau.


Naval Station,
Tai 0


An area of land surrounded by a fence and adjacent to the Trigonometrical point on the headland North of Tai O Police Station on Lantao Island.

The original scanned document is at: http://oelawhk.lib.hku.hk/archive/files/5d0f73f2262d62780dc4e11f90a736d5...

If the link doesn't work in future, I found it by visiting HKUL> HKUL Digital Initiatives> Historical Laws of Hong Kong Online and searching for closed areas, and looking for the result dated 1950.

Tymon Mellor found these two maps are suitable for looking up the coordinates in this table:


This map is Hind 1015, close to the Hind 1009 referenced in the schedule of sites: http://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-233093803/view


Many thanks for these very useful documents and maps which I have used to locate some other properties owned by my ancestors. I have tried to use the land registry to look at ownership history but it doesn't go back far enough. Can anyone please tell me why the army requisitioned these lots of land and when they were returned to the owners? I had assumed it was to protect the border with China but I now wonder whether they were later requesitioned by the Government to build new towns.

I think you're right to say the New Territories camps in the 1950s were for soldiers protecting the border with China. New Towns came later, so wouldn't have been a reason for needing the land at the start.

After a little investigation, I have managed to track down the HIND 1009 map; it is the 1:20 000 series (GSGS 3868) revision 3.

You can see it http://www.hkmaps.hk/map_1952.1.html

Do not use the earlier second edition as there was a change of the map grid, where both axis were adjusted by 1000 yards.


Hi Tymon,

Many thanks for this. That probably explains why I had the wrong spot when I was there in March. 

Best wishes


I am sure of the spot now. Many thanks for your help.

It looks as though the MOD paid rent until 1975 and then the colonial treasurer for a further 5 years. Does anyone know whether the current development of Fanling Gardens was built during the 1980'S?

Best wishes