Central Market (1st Generation) [c.1840-????] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Central Market (1st Generation) [c.1840-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists
Date Place completed: 
c.1840-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

The Market had three streets imaginatively named Western, Centre and Eastern Avenue. Websters Bazaar ran along the east side of the market, approximately where Queen Victoria Street is today


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Mentions in Eitel's "Europe in China. The history of Hongkong from the beginning to the year 1882", published in 1895:

  • early 1841: "[there was] a considerable influx of Chinese provision dealers (who settled near the site of the present Central Market, soon known as 'the Bazaar')"
  • August 1841: "[the typhoon] was followed a few weeks later by a conflagration (August 12, 1841) which destroyed the greater part of the Bazaar."
  • June 1842: "The Central Market, then South of Queen's Road, opposite its present site, was formally opened (June 10, 1842) and farmed out to a Chinaman (Afoon); "
  • July 1844: "By the opening of a new market (July '2b, 1844) at Taipingshan, the congested state of the Chungwan and Sheungwan markets was considerably relieved."