Ralph DORMER [1898-1948]

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DoB from John Black's list, which gives Mr Dormer's occupation in 1941 as "Audit Department HKG".

The list of Civil Establishments for 1938 shows him as "Class II Clerk, (S.C. & A.S.)" in the Audit Department, and gives the date of his first appointment as 27th February, 1925.

The newspapers show he was active with the YMCA and the Scouts:

Messrs. Dormer & Wong for Melbourne

Hong Kong's representatives to the Pan-Pacific Scouts' Jamboree to be held at Melbourne from December 27 to January 7, sailed yesterday afternoon by the s.s. Tanda.

The Hong Kong delegates are Mr. R. Dormer, District Scoutmaster of Kowloon and Scoutmaster of the 1st Kowloon (St. Andrew's) Troop of Boy Scouts, Mr R. H. Wong, Assistant Scoutmaster, and Troop Leader Tsoi Mang-suen, of the 10th Hong Kong (St. paul's College) Troop.

A large crowd of friends and brother Scouts from the St. Andrew's Troop, St. Paul's College Troop and 1st Hong Kong (St. Joseph's College) Troop, gathered at the Kowloon Wharf, saw the representatives off.

Page 7 of The China Mail, 1934-12-01

He was interned at Stanley Camp, and died in 1948:

Death Of Mr Ralph Dormer

Prominent Former H.K. Resident

News has been received in the Colony of the death of Mr Ralph Dormer which occurred in England on March 20.

Prior to the Pacific war, Mr Dormer was Chief Clerk in the Audit Department and was for many years connected with the Hongkong Boy Scouts Association, being Scoutmaster of the St Andrew’s Troop and later of the Diocesan Boys’ School Troop. He also held the appointments of Akela Leader and District Rover Scout Leader.

The late Mr Dormer, who was born on July 11, 1898, joined the Hong Kong  Police Force as a constable in 1925 and in May 1928 was posted as Secretary of the Police Department. Returning from leave in 1935, he was posted to the Colonial Secretary's Office and then to the Public Works Department after which he became Chief Clerk in the Audit Department.


Interned in Stanley, the late Mr Dormer's health became very poor. On liberation he went Home on recuperation leave and worked in the Hongkong Government Accounts Office In London for a while. But his health did not permit of his returning to the Colony and he was invalided out of the Government service. He was married on January 7, 1946, and resided In High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Recently he developed asthma and suffered from heart trouble.

During his stay in Hongkong, the late Mr .Dormer was actively connected with St Andrew's Church, Kowloon, being at one time Hon. Treasurer of the Church Council and was for a long period a member of the choir. He also played hockey regularly for the European YMCA.

The funeral took place on March 24.

Page 3 of The Hong Kong Telegraph, 1948-04-06

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