Air Crashes HK 1950's

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New on here having just found this lovely site.

Just come across this site and found it fascinating. I was living in HK - (Father worked at Hong Kong Electric Co North Point) -from Dec 1949  until Feb 1954. Dad left HK in 1967.

We lived in a flat on the corner of Kings Rd and watched a constant  stream of police and ambulances going up and down most of the afternoon  on a Saturday or Sunday some time in the summer of either 1950 or 1951.  The following Monday morning aircraft engines were lined up on the  pavement on the South of Kings Rd below Quarry Bay School,(where I was  a pupil).

It appears that a passenger aircraft (think it was Indonesia or Jakata Airways?)  flew into the hills somewhere above the school having just taken off  from Kai Tak.
 I have not been able to find any reference to this - maybe someone out  there has details?

Thank you again for a most interesting site.


Harry Poulson
Living near Telford, UK.

  • On 11 March 1951, a Pacific Overseas Airlines Douglas DC-4 crashed after takeoff into the hills between Mount Butler and Mount Parker on the Hong Kong Island. The captain of the aircraft allegedly failed to execute the turn left operation after departure. 23 were killed.
  • *[C-54 Skymaster is a variant of DC-4]*
  • On 9 April 1951, a Siamese Airways Douglas DC-3 lost control on its turn while attempting a night-time visual approach. The captain allegedly allowed the aircraft to lose flying speed while attempting to turn quickly. 16 were killed.