34 Morrison Hill Road [????-????]

Submitted by jill on Mon, 04/11/2016 - 01:17
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Demolished / No longer exists

I wonder if anyone has any 1890s photos or postcards of Morrison Hill Road. 34 Morrison Hill Road is the address on the birth certificate of my grandparents', Charles and Hannah Warren's first child, Albert, born in December 1898. This was very likely rented for them by Hannah's father, John Olson snr, although I haven't verified that from the Rate Books. Their next two children were born at 1 Ladder Street Terrace, which he owned. More of Ladder Street Terrace later.



I've added a marker at the location of today's number 34, Morrison Road. (Though there's always a chance the road has been re-numbered since the 1890s.)

We've got a couple of postcard views dated to the 1910s. They may be the same buildings that were there in the 1890s, especially the lower two-storey buildings:

Morrison Hill Road
Morrison Hill Road, by annelisec


Morrison Hill Road
Morrison Hill Road, by Sean