Morrison Hill Road

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 21:46

Where is this on Morrison Hill Road ?  If this is where the "poor whites" lived, they look quite nice. 

Date picture taken


If you have a look in the 1910 picture library there is another picture of Morrison Hill Road which I sent in. My grandfather and grandmother lived there just after they were married in 1906.

They were not "poor whites" though he was Eurasian which may account for the choice of home. But he had previously lived at 33 Caine Road.  As you say it looks quite a nice place. The postcard I sent in seems to have been taken from the other end of the road.

Pity they did not have Google in those days!

Where is the quote about "poor whites" from annelise? My grandfather, Charles Warren was living at 34 Morrison Hill Road in 1898 with his Eurasian wife, Hannah, half sister of John Olson jnr. Their first child was born there in December 1898. He was described on the birth certificate as an "Overseer for the Public Works Department" and my grandfather's income was certainly meagre at that time. Apart from no. 1 Ladder Street Terrace, where the next two Warren children were born, all the other addresses given for the Olsons and Warrens up to 1916ish seem to have been rented, if the Rate Books are to be believed. The family certainly moved around a lot.

The postcard posted above show the tram poles lining both sides of the road suggesting that the tracks were double-lined to and from the Happy Valley Race course. On my scanned version of the same postcard a set of tram tracks veer sharply towards the left into Sharp Street West towards Bowrington Road. Another set of tracks proceeds northwards to join up the main road. The building on the right on the original postcard posted above can be seen below. Wanchai Road runs across Morrison Hill Road at the bottom of the postcard below. Morrison Hill Road can also be seen curving into Wanchai Road on the right. The double-tracks revert to a single tramline further up the road.


1910s Morrison Hill Road
1910s Morrison Hill Road, by Moddsey