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Aberdeen Tunnel [1982- ]

Current condition: 
In use
Date Place completed: 
c.1982-03-01 (Day is approximate)

It was completed in 1982:

 A north-south route, the section of Route 1 through
the centre of the Island, comprising the Aberdeen Tunnel
and grade-separated road networks at its approaches,
was completed in March 1982, linking Aberdeen with
Happy Valley and the Cross Harbour Tunnel. 


It was built by Dragages:

Challeneged by a combination of hard rock and poor soil conditions, heavy arch ribbing and hand-excavation were used for precarious sections of the tunnel. The remainder was excavated using hydraulic and pneumatic jumbos.


Additional info from the CEDD:

  • Project Title: Route 1 – Aberdeen Tunnel (dual 2-lane)
  • Year of Completion: 1982
  • Length Details: 1.9 km (twin tubes)
  • Cross Section Details: 10.0 m span x 11.0 m high horseshoe shaped 
  • Method of Construction: Drill & blast (pilot tunnel constructed) , lining 0.61 m thick min.
  • Geology and Groundwater: 1.55 km weathered to fresh granite; 250 m volcanic rock including 50 m weathered quartz monzonite; groundwater problems near the ground surface at portal area 
  • References: Chappell & Tonge (1975; 1976), Twist & Tonge (1979), Cochrane (1984)



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