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Aberdeen Tunnel [1982- ]

Current condition: 
In use
Date Place completed: 
c.1982-03-01 (Day is approximate)

It was completed in 1982:

 A north-south route, the section of Route 1 through
the centre of the Island, comprising the Aberdeen Tunnel
and grade-separated road networks at its approaches,
was completed in March 1982, linking Aberdeen with
Happy Valley and the Cross Harbour Tunnel. 


It was built by Dragages:

Challeneged by a combination of hard rock and poor soil conditions, heavy arch ribbing and hand-excavation were used for precarious sections of the tunnel. The remainder was excavated using hydraulic and pneumatic jumbos.


Additional info from the CEDD:

  • Project Title: Route 1 – Aberdeen Tunnel (dual 2-lane)
  • Year of Completion: 1982
  • Length Details: 1.9 km (twin tubes)
  • Cross Section Details: 10.0 m span x 11.0 m high horseshoe shaped 
  • Method of Construction: Drill & blast (pilot tunnel constructed) , lining 0.61 m thick min.
  • Geology and Groundwater: 1.55 km weathered to fresh granite; 250 m volcanic rock including 50 m weathered quartz monzonite; groundwater problems near the ground surface at portal area 
  • References: Chappell & Tonge (1975; 1976), Twist & Tonge (1979), Cochrane (1984)



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Around the time of the tunnel's opening in 1982, I often heard mention that the two ends had failed to meet properly and had to be (expensively) adjusted. Any truth in that story or just an urban legend?

The link to CEDD's catalogue of Hong Kong tunnels is out of date.  The current link is as follows:


Thanks, link updated now.