Agnes Mary CUNNINGHAM (née KELLY, aka Agnes Mary STUART) [1877-1944] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Agnes Mary CUNNINGHAM (née KELLY, aka Agnes Mary STUART) [1877-1944]

Agnes Mary
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Agnes Mary STUART
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21 Sep 2015 UPDATED with details from Chriscalder's comment below.

John Black's list gives Mrs Cunningham's year of birth as 1889, and date of death as 25 July 1944.

Philip Cracknell writes that:

[Robert Cunningham] was married to Agnes Cunningham and shared a billet (5 P4) with her in Stanley Camp. I was always puzzled by the age difference. She died in Camp but date of birth was 1877. She had  an married daughter in Camp Mrs M J Stuart). Robert and Mrs Stuart both protested the age stated in the Medical Rocords (which I have seen).



Hello Phil, I have been helping Marion with her family tree. I have now tracked down birth &  marriage of the above and Marjorie Jane Stuart's birth all in Scotland.

Agnes was born March 11th 1877 in Edinburgh--parents were Peter Kelly and Jane (Heddle). She married Charles Stuart on 31st October 1903. Marjorie was born in Edinburgh--30th June 1906 and obviously never married. Charles was a furniture labourer.

Agnes and Marjorie are on the 1911 census living with her parents. No mention of Charles.

Hope this helps with your records---I still cannot find them going to Hong Kong but maybe they did not go direct.

I misread his occupation---it is furniture salesman not labourer.

She was Scottish, born in Edinburgh to Peter and Jane Kelly. She married Charles Stuart on 31st October 1903. She married Robert Cunningham a police officer in Hong Kong some time before the war. She died aged sixty-seven. Her next of kin was her husband forty-four year old Robert Cunningham who was also in Camp. Agnes was twenty-three years his senior. She also had a daughter in Camp, Miss Marjory Jeannette Stuart (Block 5 Room 20). Agnes died from nutritional enteritis and anaemia. There was also a suggestion of senility. On the medical records there is a letter from Robert Cunningham (Police Inspector). "Age is not in accordance with the facts supplied by me and I query the primary cause of death (senility) as my wife's mind was perfectly clear and normal until the course of her illness affected it. Miss Marjory Stuart associates herself with me in this protest". Robert Cunningham had originally had a romantic relationship with Marjory Stuart but to people’s surprise he later married her mother.