1964-4-21 gascoigne jordan junction

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 01:30

A 1964 picture of the Gascoigne-Jordan junction when the crowd was  dispersing after a parade starting at 10am to celebrate the queen's birthday. One can see the building labelled B with "hotel" sign behind the Diocesan girls school. It has to be the Broadway/Fortuna court hotel. The lower picture shows the same junction dated between 1977 and 2009. 1977 was date when the flyover opened. 2009 was the date Diocesan girls school was rebuilt. Unfortunately the hotel was hidden again from that angle.


That hotel sign probably belonged to another hotel. As Moddsey pointed out the building at the centre of the picture was the Broadway hotel. Also seen in this picture:


Date picture taken


In the newspaper photo, I think the building at centre with the horizontal concrete bands and vertical slant would be the Broadway Hotel and may be the future Fortuna Court Hotel at the junction of Mau Lam and Chi Wo Streets. Another photo of Mau Lam Street from 1963 can be seen at bottom right at:


By the way, the Hotel Fortuna was located on Nathan Road. Similar sounding name but different location. A photo of Hotel Fortuna can be seen here with the hotel's name.