23 Sep 1945, Chronology of Events Related to Stanley Civilian Internment Camp

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In the evening Lance-Sergeant H. W. Jackson of the Fingerprint Department of the Hong Kong Police is savaged by a large shark while swimming alone off Tweed Bay Beach, close to the part generally named 'The Diving Rocks'.

Captain Arthur Nathaniel Braude, his wife Irene, 15 year old John Stanton with his friends, and a number of Canadians are on the beach, and the Captain dives in as soon as he hears the Sergeant's agonised screams. Stanton and the others jump in, swim to the rock and splash to try to frighten the shark. Braude manages to get the wounded man to the rocks, and the Canadians help to pull him onto them. Mrs. Braude, a trained nurse, does what she can, but the wound to his left side, is too large, and Sergeant Jackson is beyond help. He dies within a minute of being brought to shore.


China Mail, September 24, 1945, 1




Captain Braude was held in Argyle Street and Shamshuipo, his wife in Stanley. 

There is some confusion as to the victim of the post-war shark attack, others sources giving Lance-Sergeant H, M, Goldie. However, it seems the best sources give Lance-Sergeant Jackson and it's unlikely although not impossible there were two fatal attacks in a short period of time as deaths caused by sharks are rare in Hong Kong waters.

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