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Early Plastic Industry in Hong Kong

My late father, YOUNG Sze Kuen,( also known as Anthony Norman ) joined ICI Hong Kong in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Then he, and my late mother Annie Lam Young ,started a company named Yuen Hing Hong & Co. Ltd. (YHH) in the 1940s.

YHH was Sole Agent for Distiller's Company Plastics Group of London. I found a Hong Kong English newspaper clipping without date (approx 1947)  .."Visiting the Colony is Mr. W.E. Aitkens of the Distillers Company...who on Tuesday evening entertained the Managing Director of Yeun ( Yuen )  Hing Hong and Co Ltd at the Tai Tung Resturant where discussiions were held regarding proposals concerning future sales of plastic raw materials."

Will appreciate if anyone have any linkage with our Hong Kong Company. They had given numerous parties at our old home in 19 South Bay Rd.,Repulse Bay Hong Kong..if anyone have any connections, will appreicate links...

Thank you   Cecilia Young




Dear Cecilia,

Thanks for writing. Here are some suggestions for resources:

  • To find out when your father worked at ICI and who his colleagues were, the Jurors Lists are a good source (http://gwulo.com/node/6706). I had a quick look at the list for 1941. There are a few men surnamed YOUNG and working in that industry, but unfortunately no sign of your father:
    Young Chung-mow Clerk, Far East Oxygen & Acetylene Co., Ld. 74 Queen's Road Central
    Young Chun-yuen Assistant, Imperial Chemicals Industries, (China) Ld. On premises
    Young, Samuel Secretary, International Chemicals 480 Nathan Road, Kowloon
  • Several of the old newspapers can be read online: http://gwulo.com/old-hong-kong-newspapers
  • I've made a page for your old house at http://gwulo.com/node/25931, is the location right? I've put it on the site of today's Stella Maris. If you can add any photos of it they will be very welcome. You may also be able to see it in these photos of number 14, http://gwulo.com/node/8450/photos

  • I expect this group would also be interested to hear from you: http://industrialhistoryhk.org/

Regards, David

Dear David,

Thank you so much David, your suggestions will be helpful. You know what ? YOUNG Chun-yuen, found in your ICI lisitng, was my father's elder brother !

My parents were one of the earliest local Chinese supplier of plastic raw materials in Hong Kong, through Yuen Hing Hong & Co. Ltd. (源兴行有限公司). My father told me that upon the introduction, the Ting family ( Kadar Plastics ) and the Leung family (Star Industry/Plastic, known as "Red A" in Cantonese) - having arrived from Shanghai - imported several injection moulding machines. Together , these parties formed the backbone of the plastic industry in Hong Kong.  The Hong Kong Plastic Association was the earliest Plastic Association founded by them with several other members.

Re:19 South Bay Rd., Stella Maris was developed by us after pulling down the original house, built by a Mr and Mrs Kwan in the 1930s, and sold to my mother in 1952 or thereabouts. I am trying to locate the architectural plan and any stories relating to  the Kwan family and the old house, for instance, what happened during the war.

Best  Cecilia


I'm glad to hear one of the Jurors was a family member. If you're lucky you'll get a quick reply from someone who recognises the names above. Otherwise we'll have to wait for someone doing a Google search. In that case it's good to add any more names that are related, on the chance they'll attract the relevant search.

I'm interested in any stories of how families in Hong Kong survived during the wartime years. If you have any records or family stories from that time, I'd be very interested to hear them.

Regards, David