Events at the Repulse Bay Hotel

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Kindly provided by Elizabeth Ride from her collection.

You can read the full document, "Report of Miss M Matheson, the Manager of the Repulse Bay Hotel, upon events at the Hotel from the outbreak of hostilities on December 8th until December 24th 1941.", at:

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Diary / Memoir
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On December 7th 1941 both Mr. Kalazhny, my sub-manager, and Mr. B. Gellman, Night Reception Clark, were mobilized for duty in the fighting forces.

[...] other members of the foreign staff were called up for A.R.P. duties on December 8th, and Mr. Leung Fat, the Chinese Number One, was mobilised as a Police Reservist.  This left me very much understaffed, but I fortunately received the assistance and co-operation of the guests living in the Hotel, who were all most anxious to help in any way possible.  I would particularly mention in that connection the invaluable assistance of Mr. J.H. Marsman,…

After the 18th December our contact with town by road ceased entirely, and we were forced to subsist upon the stocks of food remaining at the Hotel, which I issued upon a severely rationed basis.


UK Foreign and Overseas Register of British Subjects

Roberta Marjorie Grerar (sic) Matheson daughter of Robert Thomas Matheson of Liu Kug Tao (1866-1929) merchant and Charlotte Georgina Lilian Gray (1873 - 1931) born 25 April 1902 registered at Waihaiwei 

Marjorie lived her whole life over there and died in 1972 in Hong Kong.”


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