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Broadwood Terrace [????- ]

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Broadwood Terrace, where my grandmother, Hannah Warren was living in 1926,  appears in the above position on a 1924 map of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon held by the British Library. Moddsey mentioned that it doesn't appear as an address in the Jurors Lists after 1928, so I wonder if the terrace was renamed.



It seems that the 19 Broadwood Terrace address for my grandmother, Hannah Warren was a mistake in the newspaper report. For the record, I hope that the following images help to pinpoint the location of Broadwood Terrace for others.

Broadwood Terrace (1)
Broadwood Terrace (1), by Jill
broadwood_terrace_2.jpg, by Jill


The Public Works Department Report for 1915 records that 11 European houses were completed at 

 I L. 2039, Broadwood Road and Broadwood Terrace.