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In Sydney there are periodic lunches convened under the name of the "Fragrant Harbour" lunch group. They are very informal and usually occur the third Wednesday of the month.The next lunch will be January 21. If there are any old HK hands interested in joining this lunch please let me know. The only requirement is that you have lived and worked in HK during the past few decades.

Is it possible to reach a contact of this group in Sydney. I have a friend, ex-Hong Kong, who is interested in attending the regular luncheons, but is unable to get any information on the Website.

Thanks for you help.


Thanks David, and subsequent exchange of emails worked.

Boggles the mind how useful computer technology can be! Contact with Gwulo in Hong Kong; contact with Sydney from Canada; contact from Sydney to Canada, contact from Hong Kong to Canada. Amazing. Sure less costly than hoping from one to the other.

With Gwulo as the focal point intersting connections can only be assured. Great Website, David.


Dear Sir

I lived in HK between 1966-1985 and have studied the fauna of Hong Kong many years.Do you or any other members of the Sydney old HK hands have any memories of any wildlife,particularly anything odd,unexpected,peculiar etc?


I lived and worked in HK 1966-1981 & 1988-2001.During this time I did not come across any unusual fauna but was not looking for any. However I will check with other participants of the Fragrant Harbour lunch group. In the meantime please let me know if you live in Australia or elsewhere.

For your information I have copies of the HK Government Year book in English from 1966-2013. I have not checked these on Fauna or Flora information.

I used to live in Hong Kong - for about 20 years. Now I live in Canada. I am afraid I am not good at any fauna or flora and therefore I am unable to contribute anything to this interest. Sorry.


I live in the U.K now,in Macclesfield,Cheshire.Thanks for your help,yes the Government Yearbooks are a good source.The stories could be rumours or folklore(like the mermaid) not necessarily a concrete fact.Anything really.