01 Dec 1944, R. E. Jones Wartime diary

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Heavy rain early am.

Another new officer arrived. Supposed to be an ex R.C.Padre.

Roll-call 8.30am weather cleared, colder & overcast.

Paper up to 80sen.

Tokyo raided early 30th Nov. No Euro news.

Pork 88Y per catty in town. 2 oz Suk yin issued Y7.

Painted name on Mary’s suitcase aft. 

Oil 4oz & sugar 1.09oz issued.

Water on.

North’s notes tell us that air-borne troops landed in Baden in the Black Forest & that at some points our troops are about 60mls inside Germany. The pipeline from India to China is now in operation.

Lorry arrived with fresh fish & canteen gear.

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