Mary Anna STEVENS [1919-1999]

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Mary Anna

Wife of E J Stevens, mother of Christine.

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According to Greg Leck's roll of Stanley internees in Captives of Empire: The Japanese Internment of Allied Civilians in China

Mary Anna Stevens (35) was married to Ernest James Stevens (40), a prison officer in prewar Hong Kong.

They had five children:

Jack John (11)

Ronald James (8)

Joan Shirley (7)

Winifred Lilian (4)

Christine (1), who was born in Stanley camp February 1944.

Ages are for 1945.

Her age was shown as 26 on the incoming voyage  October 1945 and 27 on the outgoing voyage the folllowing year 1946. Ancestry Records. Estimated dob  1918/1919

Christine is shown as Christine Mary on both of the above voyages.

Ronald James Stevens was listed incoming 1945 but not outgoing 1946

8 July 1948 arriving Southampton from Hong Kong  Passenger Lists

Ernest J Stevens 43.prison officer address in UK 16 Halifax Street Sydenham London

Mary Ann Stevens 28 housewife estimated dob about 1920

Jack John Stevens 14 student (born 20 April 1932 and died Poole Dorset 2004)

Joan Shirley Stevens 10 scholar

Winifred Lilian 6 scholar (born 31 July 1941)

Christine (sic) Stevens 4 child

Ronald James Stevens not listed on the voyage

1939 16 Halifax Street Frederick Stevens b17 Aug 1898, Eva B Stevens b 30 August 1899, Arthur W Stevens 17 December 1921)


Death record of Mary Anna Stevens born 11 November 1919 who died  13 September 1999 in Greater Manchester and cremated 17 September 1999