3 Sep 1944, R. E. Jones Wartime diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

3 Sep 1944, R. E. Jones Wartime diary

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Sun, 3 Sep 1944

Hot night, cramp and left chest pain, poor sleep.

Overcast, cooler, rain.

5th anniversary of outbreak of European War. We have the assured satisfaction of knowing there will not be a 6th. 

Oil 4oz. Sugar 1.6oz & Curry Pwdr 1oz issued. Mrs Brown gave me hers.[This written above the curry powder] ((MW Brown?))

Aberville captured. Lodz & Cracow too? Germany collapsed yesterday? North, the chap here who makes up a series of very useful notes from the Chinese & Japanese papers, thinks that the European war will be over within 10 days.

With Steve pm.


Lorry arrived with a good load of veg. at 9.30pm.