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Margaret Mary WHITE (née WOOLLEY) [1907-1983]

Margaret Mary
c.1983-12-31 (Month, Day are approximate)


Passenger List 1957 Hong Kong to London

Raymond White born 23 April 1915 Superintendent of Police

Mary White born 26 December 1921 [Mary Elizabeth]

John White born21 May 1947

Peter White born 11 September 1949

Address in UK Courtlands, Courtlands Lane, Exmouth Devon

[see Raymond Frederick George White]

I think the 1921 Mary may be someone that Raymond White met and married after the war.

The only Mary White I see on the list of Stanley internees is a Margaret Mary White, born 24 May 1907.

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Margaret Mary White (nee Woolley) was my grandmother. Mary White (my mother)was her eldest child (Eleanor Mary Aston White) and she was born in July 1936 in Hong Kong. Her son Peter (Timothy Peter Aston White) was born in January 1941. They were all interned in Stanley Camp and left Hong Kong after the war. Her husband, George White was also interned in a different camp as he was a member of the HKVDC. George died in 1974, Margaret in 1983 and Mary in 1992 - all in Auckland, NZ. Peter White is still alive.

Also interned in Stanley were Margaret's mother - Louisa Clara Woolley (nee Heang) and Margeret's sisters Evelyn (Evie) Stokes Woolley (married William Bruce in the camp), Phyllis Rainey Woolley (later Gorman) and Iris Lillian Woolley (later Joyce).

Margaret Mary Woolley born 24 May 1907 Hong Kong

Daughter of William Henry Woolley and Louisa Clara Heang

Died New Zealand circa 1982

Married George Alexander White (1902 - 1973 in Auckland New Zealand)

Passenger List arriving at Southampton  In November 1945 from Hong Kong

Margaret M White 38 address in UK c/o Mrs E Fey Chilton Foliat Berkshire

Timothy P A White age 4

She married George Alexander White in Hong Kong in 1935. They moved to Auckland,  NZ, in early 1970s.

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