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Do anyone have old photos of Lugard Road?

Nowaday, Lugard Road is an internationally famous tourist spot. Has it been that famous since it was built in 1919? Any celebrities like literaturers or politicians always visited Lugard Road? 

1) Can anybody share some old photos of Lugard Road showing the environment and the user of Lugard road? 

2) According to the South China Morning Post dated 20 Dec 1923, Hong Kong Art Club held an annual exhibition at Helena May Institute.  And Mrs. Aubrey exhibited a picture of Lugard Road. Anyone can share any information about  the picture? 

3) According to the South China Morning Post dated 1 May 1924, a film depicting the senery and every day scenes in the Colony was shown at the Helena May Institute. The film also showed at British Empire Exhibition in London. The original main title was “The Port of Hongkong” and The second main title is “ A British Colony since 1841 and the base of Britain’s great trade with China”. Anybody has watched that film before? 

Thank you so much!


There are photos of the building of Lugard Road at the Public Records Office.

What have you found so far ?

There is some information & photos at:

Thank you David. Seen them before.

I am curious on who are the users on Lugard Road before Japanese Occupation. I guess many celebrities should have their footprint on Lugard Road. :)

Lugard road was always for everybody. Chinese were not prevented from using the Peak and the common people , especially on holidays always went up to the peak because it had such a good view. It was actually very easy to walk to the peak, it took less than one hour from Central. I think I'm not clear on the purpose of your project.

I like this photo:

Harlech Road meets Lugard Road to complete the loop.  That tiny track below Mt. Austin Road is now the current Harlech Road.

Thank you, annelise. I am interested in  the celebrities like politicans, actors, writers and etc, who have ever visited Lugard Road. It will be fun to know who they are and when they visited Lugard Road. It can show Lugard Road has been an important and popular hiking trail  ever since it was constructed.