Eric MacNider's wartime diary

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Eric MacNider wrote this diary to record his time in Stanley. Each day is given one line of a notebook, so the entries tend to be brief.

He was very thorough at recording details of:

  • Births, deaths, and marriages
  • Entertainments put on by the internees, often with a cast list
  • Sunday church services, listing the priest(s) taking the services that day, and the title of their sermon.

Abbreviations used in this diary

  • B.M. - Black Market
  • B.O. - Black-out
  • L.O. - Lights-out

How the diary made its way here

The diary is reproduced with the kind permission & support of Eric MacNider's niece & nephew.

It has been transcribed from the original and posted online by the following volunteers: Alexis Tse, Alice Wong, Alison McEwan, Andrew Hill, Ann Williams, Bill Lake, Chris Sparrow, Christopher Millington, David Bellis, David Boothby, Don Ady, Grace Wong, Judy, Michael Parker, Nick Andrew, Richard Jones, Robb Arnulphy, Ryan Kwok, Stephen Roberts, Tai-Wai Wong, Thomas Eager, Tom Holloway

The original diary is now in the Australian War Memorial collection, their ref: 3DRL/5072

Book type
Diary / Memoir
Dates of events covered by this document

Sample pages

Interned at Chinese hotels. (Mee Chow, Tung Fong, Luk Hoi Tung, New Asia, Stag, Nanking, Tai Koon).

Internment at Stanley began.