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Alan Edward George WHEELER [1908-1983]

Alan Edward George

Details from John Black's list, which shows Wheeler was a policeman in 1941.


There is an E Wheeler on the list of internees aged 33  but I cannot find an E Wheeler travelling to or from Hong Kong on any passenger list.

There is however an Alan Edward George Wheeler who made several trips to and from Hong Kong and his date of birth was 30 January 1908 making him about 34 in 1942. He is described as a government servant on all the trips he made except one

Passenger List Hong Kong to London arriving November 1935

Alan E G Wheeler age 26 UK address Devies Wiltshire occupation H.M. Forces

From the Ponting link  "After waiting without result for guards to arrive for the Star Ferries to prevent crews deserting Inspector Whant (Water Police) Sgt A216 Wheeler and Mr MacKenzie of the Star Ferry Co decided to proceed over to Kowloon..."

Passenger List Hong Kong to Southampton arriving November 1945

A E G Wheeler age 37 address in UK Devizes Wiltshire Govt. Svt.

On some of the trips he was accompanied by his wife Elizabeth Olive Noyes Wheeler and his son and daughter.

Perhaps he used his second name Edward? Or perhaps there was a typo in the original list?

 He died 30 January 1983.


Born 9.7.1908    Enlisted 1930    ex UK Armed Forces        Sgt 1.7.1940       Crown Sgt 1941 ( therefore in Water Police ). Interned. Repat on Highland Monarch   Awarded CPLSM 1948 (therefore enlisted 1930,services in armed forces did not count).  Fined HKD25 in 1948 when a Sub Inspector ! ( infraction unknown)   Chief Inspector 1,5,1951.Several photos of him in Police Museum holdings - 11.4.1939  Medal Parade at Central before H.E. - Hockey Team 1940  - -  Award of CPLSM 1948. - Police Magazine 1953 (Retirement)..

I have it my mind he was known as " Bert " (Albert/Bertram ?). Most likely an illuson.There was a T W Wheeler,but he enlisted post war.