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Netherlands Trading Society 1930's

Please do anybody know the address of Netherlands Trading Society (Nederlandse Handel-Maatschappij N.V.). in Hong kong in 1930's (1934).

In de first week of June I will (hope) visit this address (of the former office/building), because my grandfather worked there.

In advance thank you for any reaction.

Yours faithfully,

Milly (from The Netherlands)


I found a clipping that shows them at 11, Queen's Road Central in 1932, see:


Please could you let us know your grandfather's name, and the years he was in Hong Kong?

If you have any photos you can share of his time in Hong Kong, we'd love to see them.

Regards, David

The "Directory & Chronicle ..." for 1938 (view online) shows they are at the aptly named Holland House.

The notes for that building,, say the Netherlands Trading Society moved into it in 1937.

Regards, David

Goodmorning David,

First of all, thank you very much for your reaction.

My grandfather's name was Albert-Jean Besseling. He went with his wife in May 1931 to Hong Kong from Indonesia, for his work by The Netherlands Trading Society. I think he worked there till the end of 1936 or half the year of 1937.

My father (Eric Besseling) was born in the Canossa Hospital on March 1, 1934.

I will try to add some foto's.

Kind regards,


Hi Milly,

Thanks for the extra information, and the photos. From the dates, your grandfather would have been at the 11, Queen's Road Central branch, though there's a chance he would have been involved with the move to Holland House.

There is still a Canossa Hospital at the location where your father was born (see, though the site has been re-developed so the 1930s buildings no longer remain.

Regards, David

My great grandfather, Lo Chung Wan, was the compradore of the Netherlands Trading Society. I'd love to learn more information about him as I look further into our family history.