2, Pedder Street [????-????]

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Current condition
Demolished / No longer exists

In a 1911 map (Plate 3-4, Mapping Hong Kong), this is shown as 2, Pedder Street.

Photos that show this Place


This building was on the west side of Pedder Street, between Jardine House and Pedder Building. You can see it in the bottom-right corner of this 1911 map, just above Jardines. (In this map, north is at the bottom.)

1911 Map of Central
1911 Map of Central, by Admin


The map numbers it as 2 and 2A Pedder Street, and shows the US Consulate and the Mistu Bishi Co. were located there.

Here's a view of it under scaffolding in the 1920s. The photo was taken before Pedder Building was built, so at that time it's southern neighbour (the low building in the foreground) was the Gospel Hall.

Chairs waiting at Pedder Street
Chairs waiting at Pedder Street, by Jan Schultheiss


Here's another view of it from above. It's the building in the lower right foreground that has two pitched roofs.

Hong Kong Hotel on fire
Hong Kong Hotel on fire, by Jan Schultheiss