Police Station #3, Wanchai [1847-c.1905]

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No. 3 Police Station, situated in Queen's Road East, was built in 1847. It was vacated after 1905, and demolished subsequently. The former Wan Chai Post Office was built in its place.



Carl T Smith writes about this plot of land in "Wanchai: In search of an identity":

After Inland Lot 14 reverted to the government, the building on it was converted into No. 3 Police Station. In 1903 the Police moved out and the station was subsequently pulled down. The Sanitary Board recommended in 1901 that a forty-seat latrine be built at the corner of Queen's Road East and Wanchai Gap Road. it was closed in 1914 and at the time it was suggested 'it would make a good spot for the Post Office'. The Wanchai Post Office was opened here in March 1915; recently the building has been declared a Monument and is to be preserved for its historical merit. On another portion of the lot the Sanitary Board erected a building for stores and Inspectors' quarters in 1913; this has recently been demolished to make way for another colossal high-rise.

On the 1845 Collinson map a police station is situated in the hilds above the Wanchai Gap overlooking Happy Valley. 


Its ruins can be seen in the belwo photo down and to the right of S : 

Panorama of Hong Kong, taken from Happy Valley Beato and J Hentry Hering
Panorama of Hong Kong, taken from Happy Valley Beato and J Hentry Hering, by Felice Beato, J Hentry Hering