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Hi, we are trying to open an office for a sports school office (NGO).  Does anyone know who owns the property at 1 Tramway Path, HK.  Does anyone know which government department I should contact to find out available government office property for lease?  Or how should I go about to rent an office for our non-profit sports school office?

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The current occupiers of 1 Tramway Path are the WWF. Not sure if they use the whole building or not - their contact details: http://www.wwf.org.hk/en/whoweare/contact_us/

Some NGO-related contacts at the bottom of this page: http://www.investhk.gov.hk/zh-hk/files/2012/03/ngo.pdf

You can try the 1823 service to ask a "Which Government Department should I contact for ...?" question: http://www.1823.gov.hk/eng/

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I understand that the Gov. rents space for a nominal sum to real non-profits.  Try contacting the Lands Department, or the NGO Friends of the Earth who I think does just this.  You pay for running costs, and the Gov offer space in the buildings they own. However you have to prove that you are entitled with a track record (no pun intended) of activities and proof you are non-profit.