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Florence HAUGLAND (née SAYCE) [1901-1978]

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I am trying to find her elder brother and/ or her parents. The brother lived in Hong Kong, and he took care of his tre sisters. He was a busines man. I know the name of two of the sisters, Florence Haugland (who lived in Hong Kong and mooved to Norway in 1964) and her sister Fanny Butt who lived in Vancouver in Canada. I thing their maiden name could be Sayce/ Sayez or Sassoon. My grandmother was born in Bagdad in Iraq in 1901. she had one daughter Esther Ruth Haugland. My grandmother was in Stanley camp during the second world war. After the war she lived in Derby for a Year or two before returning to Hong Kong, I think in 1947. She was a landlady and had rooms for let.


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Florence Haugland is my grandmother. She was born 15.12.1901 and died in Norway 09.12.1978.

Esther Ruth Eriksen, born Haugland, is my mother. She was born 21.04.1924 in Hong Kong. She died in Norway 07.07.1983. Her father was Harald Fredrik Haugland, born 06.09.1885 and died 04.06.1927 in Marseilles in France. The family had been in Norway to visit family and was on there way home to Hong Kong.

If anyone have knowledge to either my mother or grandmother I would like to know. I am trying to find relatives. My grandmother had a sister in Canada, Fanny Sayce Butt, she died in Canada, Vancouver BC on the 11th of april 1988. I know my grandmother had another sister, who lived in Israel and an older brother who lived in Hong Kong. I do not have their names or the names of their parents. So I would be gratefull for any help at all.

They arrived together in Southampton from Hong Kong 9 November 1945

Florence Haughland age 43 landlady and Esther R Haughland age 21 stenographer

Their UK address was 28 Alexander Street Derby In 1939 William A Hatton was living there.

Thank You very much! I knew they went to England after the war before they returned to Hong Kong . But I did not know where and how long


Jan H Eriksen (grandson/son)

Do you know the maiden name of Florence or when and where she married Harald?

I am sorry that i have no information about this. The maiden name can be Sayce (Sayze?) I know she was born in Bagdad 1901 (my father thougt she was born in 1899). I think she must hav married my grandfather Harald Fredrik Haugland 1920 or 1921. She had a sister in Canada, Vancouver. Her name is Fanny Sayce Butt. She was Born 14th of august 1895 and died 11th of april 1988. She is burried at :

Schara Tzedec Cemetery, 2346 Maine Drive, Vancouver, Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada

She was married to Russell Elgin Butt, he was born on the 16th og may 1894 and died the 29th og july 1981 in Vancouver BC, Canada. You can find them on "MyHeritage" or on Geni.4

Jan Harald


May I ask how You know my grandmother? I have been searching for relatives of my mother for a long time, but have had no luck until this Year when I found her sister on "MyHeritage". But still not anything about their parents. My mother said they had relatives in England, named Sassoon. She also told me she was married before she married my father. His name was William (or Bill) Bailey I think. I have now learned that my mother married John G Bailey in spring 1946, in Derby; Lancashire, England.

Florence Haugland born on 15th of desember 1901 and died on the 9th of desember 1978

Passenger List May 1947 Mrs Florence Haugland sailed from Liverpool to Hong Kong. Her daughter was not listed. UK address 72 Havelock Road Derby

In 1939 a Florence Bailey born 22 January 1901 was living with husband William Bailey at 4 Cobden Road Chesterfield Derbyshire 

Thank You again. This is usefull for me. I do not think Florence Baily is the correkt person. It was my mother Esther   Ruth who married William Baily.
Thank You again

I have now found that my mother married John G Bailey in West Derby, Lancashire, England in spring 1946. But I could not fin any other information on John G Bailey.

Jan Harald

The elder brother you are looking for may be Kelly SAYCE (aka Kadourie Cohen) [1875-1932]

Thank You, we will have a look to se if this coluld be the brother.


Jan Harald

Current very famous person. Your can write him at the Peninsula Hotel, and put something on the outside of the envelope in the return address like "grand nephew of Kelly Sayce Kadoorie Cohen" so it may get read and forwarded to the right place. 

I think I must think about that. My hope was to find my grandmothers parents names and of possible a bit of their history. And also the second sister and the older brother of my granmother. I am a retired naval offiser so I thought I would try to find some family history for my children and grandchildren. So I am not sure this is the right way for us to go. I hope it does not look like I'm not grateful for the help I got,  bit much of this is new for me and not what I expected. In fact I am not sure what I expected to find. Anyhow, I am very grateful for Your help and interest.

jan Harald 

Based on what we have found in the news stories you, and therefore your children, are part of the early Western history of both Hong Kong and Shanghai. 

I think it very likely that if you pursue it they will have info for you as to how you connect, long ago, to the family and most importantly, have stories to tell you 

You could also do a DNA test on ancestry.com and see which other members of the family have also tested, and find your connections that way  

It is very likely that your children have a rich and unique heritage through your mother and I would encourage you to pursue it  


Yes we will not stop now, but we need too think more about how to proceed. One of my daughters have already had an DNA test, and found relatives in the Sasson family. So she is following up that.

Jan Harald


Yes we will not stop now, but we need too think more about how to proceed. One of my daughters have already had an DNA test, and found relatives in the Sasson family. So she is following up that.

Jan Harald


I found the marriage certificate on Ancestry. Her father’s name was Jacob Sayce.(Another alias?)

one of the Witnesses looks like Maricelle Ellis 


see photo

That's very exciting! could You provide a copy or an image of it?

Look at the photos on this page. 

Thank You very much! This was emotional for me to se! And I knew his fathers name Christian Haugland. The mother was    Hanna Haugland.

I am grateful for all Your help finding my grandmothers fathers name. So I hope I will be avle to find more details of him and his wife. I Know this will be dificult. Some of the slites I have seen is written in Hebro, and this is a language I never learned. Bit again, thank You annelisec

I now know that her maiden name was Florence Sayce. On her wedding certificate her fathers name was stated Jacob Sayce. She was married on the 11th of February 1922 in Shanghai. She married a Norwegian, Harald Fredrik Haugland. They must have been living ther because my mother Esther Ruth Haugland was born in Shanghai on the 21th of April 1924.Her elder brother must have been Kelly Sayce ( aka Kadourie Cohen). When he died on the 14th of december 1932 he left his estate to Florence Haugland, his sister , it was stated in the Suth China Morning Post.

Comacrib Directory 1925 


11 - Dimitriades Bros. Dairy

23 - residential address given for Haugland and Sayce on marriage licence 1922

25 - Russian Educational Society and School

72 -  Medhurst Collège, London Mission Society

331 - 634 - Lienyih Hospital and School




I have added a map in the photos section showing the location of Medhurst College

I just want to say I am very grateful for all You are doing. As You have seen this would be dificult for me to find. I have been to Hong Kong once in my life, as a small kid, so I am not familiar with either Hong Kong or Shanghai, so that means I do not know where too look for details. Many of the books and lists I never heard of before now. The adress on the wedding certificate I was not able to read, and as I never heard of the street names in Shanghai I could not guess the name either. So thanks again.

I have now found out that my mother travelled from Liverpool 22 may 1947 under the name  Mrs. Esther Ruth Bailey. so she may have been trtavelling together with my grandmother Florence Haugland if she also was on the M/s Sarpedon


Florence Haugland married my grandfather Harald Fredrik Haugland in Shanghai on the 11th of February 1922. Her maiden name was stated as Sayce on the wedding certificate and her father was stated as Jacob Sayce and that he had died before this date.

all the best

Jan Harald Eriksen

Mrs Florence Haugland was on the trip age 46 born Norway and she gave the same address in UK as Esther R Bailey 23 stenographer 72 Havelock Road Derby


Do You know if the husband of Esther Ruth Bailey, John G Bailey, also was on the ship?

all the best

Jan H Eriksen