Tai Ping / 太平 Building [1929-????]

Submitted by David on Mon, 02/10/2014 - 15:41
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It was on the south side of Queen's Road Central, on the west side of Zetland Street.

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I've set the completion date to 1929, as it is listed in the 1929 PWD Annual Report as:

40. Principal Works of a Private Nature, completed or in progress.    
Works completed:—
Shops, and Office Block, on I.L. 619 R.P., Queen’s Road Central.

Here's the outline of IL 619 RP shown on a modern map by the red dotted line:

IL 619 RP

The building is shown in this c.1930 view from the Peak. I've highlighted it in yellow:

c.1930 Pedder St / DVRC / Ice House St / QRC