Edith May Peveril GUEST (née FINCHER) [1903-1990]

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Edith May Peveril
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Hong Kong
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Barbara Merchant:

Edith May Peveril Guest  nee Fincher (sister of Teddy Fincher). Known as May. dob - dod according to Peter Hall (p.148) are 1903-1990. Married to Albert Edward Peveril Guest. Mother of Eric and Joyce, mentioned in the Diary, and others. I have made reasonable attempts at contacting the family in Australia to ask permission to use their names, but not having had a response, I have added them to the notes.

At various points during the war, the Hutchinson family moved in with the Guests, and also with the Bankers, as they lived in relatively safer or more secure accomodation. Barbara Anslow told me that she knew "Mrs Guest" back in 1938.

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Hi, my name is Tonille - I am the great grand daughter of Edith. My grandmother Rosemary Joyce Jarvis (née Guest) will be turning 82 this year and is currently staying with our family in NSW Australia. There are only two remaining children - Joyce and Eric peveril guest If there is anything I can do to help you or if you can help me with Nan's memoirs with any photos, stories or information please contact me via my email: tonillesmith@yahoo.com.au Thank you Kindest regards Tonille Smith

Hi Tonille,

Good to hear from you.

If you can share any information, photos, etc from your grandmother's memoirs, I'd be very interested to add it here. Information about WW2 Hong Kong is especially interesting, as we're gathering diaries and memoirs that describe people's wartime experiences here. (See http://gwulo.com/node/17926)

Are you already in touch with Barbara Merchant and Gordon Randall? Both their families knew your great-grandmother.

Regards, David

Bertie and May Guest's children were Goerge William; Eric Graham, John Derek, Rosemary Joyce (known as Joyce) and Peter Douglas.

May and the children were all interned in Ma Tau-chung Camp (Argyle St ?) during WWII aand their wartime "adventures" are part of a strong family oral history which we are trying to write down. Joyce and her brother Eric, as Tonille has mentioned are the only two remaining children.

Eric moved to the US shortly after WWII and fought in Korea with the US Airforce. 

The remainder of the family settled in Australia, returning to HK only for the War Trials, in order for May to provide support for Bertie during this time.