Kennedy Town Police Station (2nd location) [1900-1969]

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Moddsey found this description of the Police Station:

1900 PWD Annual Report

A new Police Station was built on a site selected above the Cattle Depot on the road leading to Pokfulam and completed on 1 October 1900.

The previous Police Station in Kennedy Town (see had been converted for use as a hospital.

The marker location is a guess. I haven't seen it marked on any maps yet - if you know where it was, please let us know. [UPDATED: Marker moved to correct position based on comments below.]

Photos that show this Place




According to "GEO REPORT No. 152" prepared by the CEDD department of HK (Link: , a slope incident report), the "figure 3 site history" mentions that off the slope of Pokfield Road near the University Heights there were buildings and platform appeared from 1901 to 1969.

This piece of information match the background information related to the "second generation police station" mentioned in this discussion dialogue.

By the way, the figure 5 of the report shows the end of Rock Hill Street in the past.

I hope it is a useful material.

(My name is Chai. I like studying hong kong old photos very much. l like researching into the Sai Wan District very recently.)

Regards, Chai