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Phyllis Alsager AYRTON [1884-1975]

Phyllis Alsager
c.1884-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)


Received by email:

> I have an interest in the Ayrton family and I believe I can identify
> the lady.
> I believe she is: Phyllis Alsager Ayrton (1884-1975).
> If so, Phyllis would actually have been 61 in 1945! She must have been
> a remarkable woman to survive the experience in her mature years, to
> give people the impression of being younger - not older - at the end
> of the incarceration and to have lived on to 1975!
> Phyllis was the daughter William Scrope Ayrton, a British consul who
> served in Taiwan/Formosa at the time of the Japanese annexation of the
> island. This verifiable detail may have given made the Japanese
> reasonably well-disposed had they been aware of the link.
> Her mother was a McClatchie, daughter of the Rev. McClatchie of the
> CMS at Shanghai. She was an 'old China hand'!
> Phyllis was a remarkable character in her own right. She was a
> suffragette as well as a suffragist: joining the WSPU. She campaigned
> for Christabel Pankhurst in the UK's first election with women, in
> 1918. She accompanied the 'General', Flora Drummond. She also met
> Lloyd-George and the Australian Premier in the same year, and has the
> photos to prove all of this!
> Presumably, the call 'Home' proved too strong, and some unfortunate
> timing ensured her stay was much longer and harder than she might
> possibly have imagined. A Chinese childhood, however, would have given
> her much better physical and spiritual resources to cope.
> She and her family are well-documented, so I hope this will help your
> researches.

I'd love to connect to the person here who posted the initial comment with interest in the Ayrton's. 

This is my family and I'd love to hear more. 

Thank you 

Birth Yorkshire Registered Guisborough North Riding Yorkshire Quarter 4 1884

Passenger list October 1937 Southampton to Shanghai

 Phyllis Ayrton 56 secretarial and clerical UK address 6 Stevenage Road Fulham Palace Road London. Louie Stors 53 secretarial and clerical and giving the same address also on the voyage.

Passenger List arriving Southampton 9 November 1945

Phyllis A Ayrton 51 Cedar Tree House Weybridge

Death 31 December  1975 aged 91 in Bournemouth  Registered Quarter 1 1976