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Lau Fau Shan police station [1962- ]

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Completion date comes from the Film Services Office website:

Former Lau Fau Shan Police Station had been in service since 1962. The squad of the station moved out in 2002 and merged with that of the Tin Shui Wai Station. The station was built on a small knoll by Deep Bay. The outlook of the building is in a blue-and-white colour scheme. On the rooftop, there are 2 lookouts set up to keep watching for the illegal immigrants entering the territory. The other facilities are just like those in any police station, with a reporting room, conference room, detention cells, etc. The Yuen Long District Council has the plan to open the area as a tourist attraction in the near future. This move is to serve the purpose of boosting tourism in the Lau Fau Shan area.

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