Ava House [c.1913-c.1969]

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Not sure of its name yet. [Updated: Marlowe has identified it as Ava House]

The 1924 map shows the site as Inland Lot 1905.

Later place(s) at this location

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Here's a guess,the house is Ava House, and the 3 story building that will be built later next to Branksome towers is Ava Mansions.

I found this online

From the Ladies Directory 1919;
Apcar Mrs. A. V. Ava House May Road

and on a fairly random site;

Mr. Arratoon Vertannes Apcar was born in Persia in 1871. He married Asken Basil in 1913. They had one child, a son, George Armen Arratoon Apcar, born on 4 June 1915, at Ava House, 1 May Road.
A.V. Apcar died in London on 6 April 1931, leaving an estate valued at $773,100. Besides his business ventures, he was a large property owner in the colony including Ava House, Ava Mansions, Armend Buildings and Observatory Villas, Kowloon. Interestingly, he was a keen philatelist.



"1, May Road" is the address of the Mayfair now, which would put Ava House further east. It's possible the street numbers have changed over the years though.

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When I resided at Thorpe Manor my mail always has Thorpe Manor, 1 May Road.

The flat above the garages below Thorpe Manor named Gladdon was if I remember 3 May Road.

Date Place completed: c.1913

Date Place demolished: c.1969

Built by Mr. Arratoon Vertannes Apcar. I believe he was on the Board of the Peak Tram company, .

IL 1905.