Kingsley Frank WOODWARD [1897-1929]

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Kingsley Frank
Birthplace (town, state)
Belper, Derbyshire
Birthplace (country)
United Kingdom
Cause of death
Killed by pirates

Here's the inscription on his gravestone, as shown in Patricia Lim's records:

16E--/06/08- Erected by the/ Government of Hong Kong/ in memory of/ Kingsley Frank Woodward/ 3rd officer SS Haiching/ killed by pirates/ in the execution of his duty off Chelang Point/ 8th December 1929

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Richard Tetley's family trees pages have a mention for this man, see:

I asked Richard if he thinks they're the same man, and he's confident they are:

My research shows that he got a second mates certificate (foreign going) on 11th Nov 1916, having taken a seagoing apprenticeship in 1912. I've no doubt that this was the same man. He gives his birthplace as Belper, and a c/o address of A Mrs Beresford, Field House, Bridge St, Belper. Presumably that was his Aunt Louisa Beresford (nee Bland).

So, It seems very likely that he could have been in the far east, as a third officer in1929.

I'm fairly sure that there is no other individual in the birth registers with the name Kingsley Frank Woodward. It is quite a unique name! 

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Belper man shot. Steamship attacked in Chinese Waters. Mr. Kingsley Frank Woodward, of Belper, was one of the officers of the steamship Haiching who was killed on Sunday during a murderous attack upon the ship by Chinese pirates. The Haiching left Swatow on Sunday for Hong Kong, and during the voyage the pirates, who had joined the ship in the guise of passengers, tried to gain control of the bridge.  Their attempts were overcome by the British officers and Indian guards.  Failing to capture the bridge, the pirates set fire to the vessel.  The fire was extinguished, broke out again, but was once again got under control.  
     During the shooting, Mr. R. Perry (first officer) and Mr. K. F. Woodward (third officer) were wounded, Mr. Woodward dying soon afterwards.
     Mr. Woodward, who was 32 years of age, was a single man, and his sister is Mrs. Ells, of Milford-road, Duffield.
     "My brother was born in Belper, but lived in Derby up to the age of 14, when he left to go to sea, " said Mrs. Ells, when interviewed by an "Advertiser" reporter.  He was apprenticed under the Cairn Line at Newcastle, and served under his uncle, who was captain of the ship.  Six years ago he joined the "Okara."  He left Calcutta on another ship to some home for a six months' holiday, and he had only been on the sea a day or two when he strolled into the wireless operator's cabin and heard an S.O.S. from his own ship, "Okara."  The ship was wrecked and all the 80 hands on board were lost.
     When jobs were scarce he went to his sister in Los Angeles, and one day he went for a motor car ride.  When mounting a steep hill, the engine and brakes of the car suddenly failed and the car dashed backwards, crashed over the edge of the road, and fell into a garden 20 ft below.  The wreckage was on top of him, but he escaped injuries.  He also worked in a motor car factory in Los Angeles, and one day he had just left a part of the works to go to another room when a huge wall fell in and narrowly missed him. Continuing, Mrs. Ells said: "We had not heard from him for over a year, but in his last letter no mention was made of him being on the Chinese coast.  I suppose he did not want us to know he was there, as I had always begged of him not to go on that coast.  He was quite fearless and would not be afraid.  The first intimation I had of his death was when I received a telegram from the steamship company informing me he had passed away as the result of an attack by pirates.  It was a very great shock to me, and I was so afraid he had been captured and tortured to death.  He had told me what some of the tortures were like.  He was buried with full naval honors in Hong Kong on Monday morning."
     Mr. Woodward was well-known in Derby, and had always been one for the sea.