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Current condition

4, Repulse Bay Road.

In Sheridan's diary, he calls it "The White House". I'm not sure if that was ever its official name, or just Sheridan's description of what was a large, white house.

Photos that show this Place



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At www.gwulo.com/node/13162 Philip Cracknell introduces a photo of the front of "Holmsdale" on Page 3 of the article at;


He mentions that it's unchanged today, but at www.gwulo.com/atom/15399 Compradore reports that it was constructed/redeveloped in 1987. Perhaps the front facade was retained in the rebuild?

gw, thanks for providing a link to that article.  The photo on Page 3 of the pdf has a caption below that identifies the house as the 'The Lawson family manor in Hull, England.'  However, I think the area does look a lot like that section of Repulse Bay. 

The bottom picture on Page 11 of the article shows Wong Nei Chong Gap.  I think the police station shown was No. 1 Repulse Bay Road.

Centadata lists No. 4's completion date as 01/1987.  The old Holmsdale looked to have been two-stories, whereas the current house is three-stories.  Both houses have porticos.  Also, the current house is 12,000 sq. ft. and I doubt there would be a house of that size in the 1940s. 

Here is a 2003 picture of No. 4: http://static.apple.nextmedia.com/images/apple-photos/640pix/20031126/Article_ent/26ec1p3.jpg