Roland Albert STRIDE [1907-1994]

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Roland Albert
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I believe that this entry could be my father Roland Albert Stride (D.O.B. 28/12/1907;  Deceased 1994). He was the manager of the import & export department of Lane Crawfords (under A.W. Brown who was the General Manager). My father was interned at Stanley Internment Camp from 1941 - 1945. They were both seconded by the British government and put in charge of food control for the colony. My father was the first person out of the camp after the Japanese surrender, in order for the Japanese to inform him of where they had hidden food supplies around the island.

My wife and I will be in Hong Kong from 17-29 November this year and are keen to learn more about my father's time in the camp.  My father was very reluctant to talk about his time as a P.O.W.  We plan to visit Stanley and hope to see where the camp was located.

Hello Roger

I am a licensed, registered tour guide in HK and I specialise in WW2 battlefield tours here. One of the tours I conduct is to Stanley and I am able to take people to the site of the Internment Camp - with the emphasis on St. Stephen's College and Stanley Cemetery.

(I'm afraid taking people around Stanley Prison is just too difficult. I have done it, but the hurdles are just too great).

I am able to arrange visits to the Heritage Gallery within the College grounds where, as Philip points out, your father was interned.

Please visit for full details. If you require any references or feedback, please go to & type in WalkHongKong in the search field.

Finally I can be contacted on

My sincere apologies Roger; I originally (mistakenly) addressed you by your father's name, Roland, above.

Correction now made!