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6 Dec 1941, Sheridan's diary of the hostilities

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Sat, 6 Dec 1941

However, we have just had two Regiments of Canadians arrive to help out in the defence of the Crown Colony. ((The Canadians came on November 16.)) Two Canadian Army Service Corps Sgts. are attached to the Supply Depot. I show them round the Bakery. ((The RASC Supply Depot and Bakery were on Queen’s Rd., the latter opposite the Naval Dockyard entrance.)) They are surprised to see 33 Chinese bakers working so hard. The Canadians arrival means extra bread production, it is now about 12 to 14000 lbs per day, not bad for a bakery with only a mechanical dough mixer and all the remainder hand work. If we move out the dough mixer will be left behind, it is cemented to the floor and needs electric power to drive it.

We read in the local papers that large landings of Japanese troops have been sighted up the coast towards Bias Bay and Waichow area. Also in the same papers it states that Mr Kurusu and Admiral Nomuru of the Japanese Navy are in Washington as a peace mission. I am roped in to escort civilian lorries from the Dairy Farm cold storage at East Point to the various food stores and to some private houses in the Shouson Hill area. ((There were food stores at various locations around the island. We've found mentions of them at Quarry Bay, Wanchai Gap, and Stanley.)) They are loaded with tinned commodities, flour, sugar, tea, etc. We work from early morning until darkness sets in and move many tons of foodstuff with the aid of hundreds of coolies.