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Wartime food godown, Wanchai Gap [????- ]

This caught my eye in the February news on Tony Banham's site:

18 Received another very interesting email from Jack Mitchell, HKVDC, today, noting (among other things): "The Small Playground at Wan Chai Gap: Did you know that the Playground is built over a war-time food storage godown?"

I wasn't sure of the exact location, as there are a couple of playgrounds in that area, on either side of Coombe Road. Tony kindly helped contact Jack again, who replied confirming the location:

"Regarding the former underground food godown - the playground/park is the one immediately at the western end of Blacks Links Road.  I hope this makes things clearer for your enquirer."

I wonder if this flat area of land was the reason they chose to build the godowns here, or if the area was flattened as preparations for the godown?