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7 Dec 1941, Sheridan's diary of the hostilities

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Sun, 7 Dec 1941

((Note: Staff-Sergeant Sheridan's task if war breaks out will be to evacuate the Queen's Rd. Bakery and set up a Field Bakery on the Deepwater Bay Golf Course - hence his interest!))

Today is a beautiful sunny morning, we start off early on the same work as yesterday and keep going until darkness fell. All troops are ordered to standby. We see the Canadians marching to their positions on the Island defences. The Royal Scots and the two Indian Regiments are in position on the Mainland near the border with China. It is obvious they will catch the brunt of any attack. As I pass by Deepwater Bay golf club the golfers are on the lovely green in front of the club house, while others are sipping their drinks on the verandah. Some people are enjoying a swim with no thought of war being imminent. There must be something in the wind, G.H.Q. staff are preparing to move into Battle HQ, a huge underground structure just behind the Garrison Sgts. Mess.

S/Sgt. Merrifield, my room mate who now works in the transport office has had a very tiring day. We both turn in early, I am sound asleep as soon as my head touches the pillow.