John MULCAHY [1934- ]

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Birthplace (town, state)
Victoria Hospital
Birthplace (country)
Hong Kong

John writes:

I was born in January 1934 in Victoria Hospital and was brought up in, I
believe, 4, Braga Circuit, Mong Kok. My father, according to the KGV School History, joined the staff of the then Central British School in 1930 where, I  presume, he met Clair Couper Munro, also a teacher, who would become my mother. My problem is that I have no clue as to how or where they either met or married!


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I received this from John by email, and wish him every success in raising money for the Help for Heroes charity:

Hi David,

As we once more approach Christmas, may I send you, Gwulo and the Camp Stanley Group early, but most hearty, Compliments of the Season!

I am already getting busy with a venture in the new year which you may find newsworthy.  Partly dedicated to the memory of my Mum and Dad, both legendary teachers at Loughborough Grammar School and King George V, Hong Kong, respectively, but mainly on behalf of that great charity, HELP for HEROES, on January 11 next, I shall attempt 80 press-ups, hopefully live (no pun intended!!) on YouTube at 11.00 am GMT.

The date happens to be my eightieth birthday, and the best present I could hope for would be you and the Group's support.  You can find more details on my embryonic web page through this link:

I do hope that you find this of interest, and remain

Yours truly,

John Mulcahy