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4, Braga Circuit [1936- ]

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Extract from History of Kadoorie Hill and The Kadoorie Estate:

The first entry in the Rent Roll is for October 1936, in which Mr. W. Mulcahy is shown as occupant of 4 Braga Circuit, joined in December 1936 by Mr. B. A. Bradbury in 16 Braga Circuit and total monthly rent of HK$250.


If my memory is correct, our house was white and located on a hill with a panoramic view from the garden.  I can remember seeing a plane flying past on a regular basis that I believe was called the Pan American Clipper.

Judging from the map, my impression that 2 mislaid photos that I'm sure were taken from are indeed of Kowloon Bay to the east - when and if I find them, I'll see how they scan and send them.