Walter Scott GLENDINNING [????-????]

Submitted by Sandra Trimble on Mon, 08/20/2012 - 22:51
Walter Scott

I was delighted to find my great uncles, Walter and Robert Glendinning mentioned in the Jurors Lists between 1904 and 1915. I have two questions, was the Electric Traction Co. the Peak Tram or the HK Tramway? and what was the Horse Repository at Causeway Bay? They were employed at both these places.

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I think that the Electric Traction Co. was another name for the Hongkong Tramway. I see Walter is listed as working at both in different years.

There is also a Percy Glendinning in the Jurors Lists. Is that the same person as Robert?

Moddsey answered the Horse Repository question elsewhere: "See here and Kennedy Stables in Causeway Bay"

Regards, David

Four brothers from Sydney settled in HK in the early 1900's. Robert 1904-1905 worked in th Government Stables, then in 1906 went to Shanghai. He worked on the Shanghai-Nanjing Railway until 1927. Walter also arrived in HK 1904, worked at Kennedy's Stables, then from 1906 worked for HK Tramways, he retired back to Sydney 1931.  Percy - not sure when he arrived, but 1911-1913 worked at the Stables, from 1914 - ? at the HK Tramway. Cecil Thomas or Thomas Cecil arrived 1904 joined the HK police. In 1918 he was murdered at Tai  O Police Station. Buried in Colonial Cemerty Happy Valley.

So David in answer to your question Percy and Robert were brothers. Regards Sandra

Assisted Passenger List – arriving Australia 1889 - Wives and families coming to join husbands

Agnes Glendenning native of Scotland 46 joining husband

Janet Glendenning 20 [Janet Ferguson Glendenning 1869 - 1908]

Agnes Glendenning 11 [Agnes Proudfoot Scott Glendenning [1875 - 1919]

Maggie Glendenning 11 [Margaret Ferguson Glendenning 1875 - ]

Thomas Glendenning 6

Edith Glendenning 6

Percy Glendenning 5 [Percy Richard Glendenning]

James Glendennning 4

John Glendenning 28

Robert Glendenning 17 [Robert James Glendinning 1871 - 1934]

Walter Glendenning 13 [Walter Scott Glendenning1875 - 1942]


Agnes Glendinning nee Scott