"Our squadron in the harbour"

Sat, 06/17/2023 - 23:29

See the original photo on Flickr.

Reclamation activities. A steam crane is working, and a light temporary railway line is installed.

On Flickr it is dated to c. 1905, but I think it is some 10 years before. But I might be wrong and it is the contruction of the tidal basin - then the date would be ok. Addendum: more 1900s that 1890s, see comment below.

Many ships in the harbour. Ship experts will surely identify the vessels and possibly give a more exact date.

Date picture taken
1905 (year is approximate)


I think the postcard shows the works and reclamation associated with the construction of the Royal Naval Dockyard. I have dated mine to the 1900s. Although not shown, the bottom of the postcard is printed (postcard) No. 381, Sold by O. F. Ribeiro, Hong Kong.

Thank you moddsey. I wasn't sure about the date, but your photo of the dockyard construction shows similar machines as on the one I've posted. Will correct date.