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Lyall GLENDINNING [1913-c.1948]

Birthplace (town, state): 
Hong Kong
Birthplace (country): 
c.1948-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)
Cause of death: 
Not Known

In 1947 Lyall Glendinning is mentioned with Talanglemos Ltd. Does anyone know what Talanglemos Ltd. was? Mystery surrounds Lyall, he was in the HKVDC, a POW in both HK and Japan, after the war he applied to live in Australia, but he disappeared c.1948, I believe in HK. Gradually piecing his life together, I have  used Tony's website, the National Archives of Australia and family trees on  Looking through jurors lists I have found he was an Assistant at Mackintosh's Ltd. Does anyone know what they were involved in? Any little clue would be helpfull. Thanks.


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I have been tracing my father's cousin Lyall James Scott Glendinning, born in HK 4 Nov.1913, listed in the Jurors Lists 1935-1940 as an Assistant at Mackintosh & Co.Ltd. Wondering who/what Mackintosh & Co.Ltd. did and found this advt. (Advert. for Topees elsewhere on this site) This would tie in with the fact that after WWII  Lyall applied to live in Australia, giving his proposed occupation as Outfitting and Tailoring. Thank you! Amazing What You Find on this Site!

Still looking for a referencence to Talanglemos Ltd. Was it a trading company, shipping co. or??

I have asked this question before, but now have an extra clue. In the Carl Smith card index there is an entry for Glendinning, L 1947, Mar. 28 - Mr. L. Glendinning resident of Peninsula Hotel, not seen for a week - aged about 35, staying at hotel for some months with wife and young daughter. connected with Talanglemos Ltd. Shell House.  Is there anyway of finding out what Talanglemos Ltd. was? The new clue being Shell House. I was delighted to find that Lyall appears in a photo of HKVDC signals corps posted recently on your site.

Thanks Sandra

Hi Sandra, a search in ICRIS,,  finds:

CR No.:0002197
Company Type: Local Company
Date of Incorporation: 19-DEC-1946
Company Status: Private
Active Status: Dissolved
Remarks:Dissolved by Other Mode
Winding Up Mode: -
Date of Dissolution: 24-JUL-1959
Register of Charges: Unavailable
Important Note:-

Name History

Effective DateName Used

So a slightly different spelling - please let us know if it turns up any more information.

Also, does the Carl Smith card give a source for the 1947, Mar. 28 information? I had a skim through the newspapers available online for Mar 28-30 but didn't see anything relevant. Maybe it was reported in the South China Morning Post, which isn't online.

Regards, David

PS I moved your previous message over here so everything about Lyall is on the same page.

Lance Corporal Lyall GLENDINNING (3715) is listed in the HK POW'S - Tse Dickuan's list, copied from the official nominal roll compiled by the Japanese "Dept. for Prisoners of War and Internees"  He was in the 3rd draft to Kobe and Nigkaski.  A little more information found with the help of Gwulo. Thank you.

Lyall Scott Glendinning-Missing-China Mail front page-02-05-1947
Lyall Scott Glendinning-Missing-China Mail front page-02-05-1947, by IDJ

Marriage 1939 Jean Gow Lobb to Lyall James Scott Glendinning in Burrowa New South Wales Australia Marriage date 1932 Registration date 1939

Marriage 25 March 1950 Jean Gow Glendinning widow 18 March 1947 to Cyril Percy Spark Victoria NSW Australia (From marriage certificate)

Electoral Rolls NSW Australia 1949 21 Wallace Street Burrowa NSW

Jean Gow Glendinning

Mavis Rose Glendinning


Jean Gow Lobb 1914 - 1989

UK and Allied POWs Register

Lyall  Glendinning Lance Corporal HKVDC date of birth 4 November 1912

Destination of Report Mrs L Glendinning 21 Wallace Street Burrowa NSW Australia