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Hi Liz and Andrew I took your advise and made a order for Peter Hall 's book - "In The Web"using the link provided in the forum It has been a week already and I have sent out two emails to check the order status, but no one from countyvise reply me. Is this a trustful website? I paid by credit card online and I am a bit worry. Lo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Liz Wrote:In The Web. 2nd edition 2012 by Peter Hall This book is now published, I received my copy this morning.  It can be purchased from best wishes Submitted by lizchater on Fri, 2012-02-03 20:13. Note from Andrew Tse: Peter wrote: Swindon's has an account with Gardner Books who are worldwide distributors of books.  Orders for more than one book can be ordered via Swindon's.  Single books can be ordered via If you need to contact Peter, please drop me a line. Andrew"

I'm looking for a copy of hte 2nd edition - can anyone please advise how I might get one?  Many thanks.  Koko

Hi Koko,

I just checked with Andrew Tse ( and he has a few copies available, so if you're in Hong Kong you could contact him.

Regards, David 

Thank you!  Much appreciated.  

Regards, Koko

For anyone else reading this thread in future, I wrote to Peter Hall to ask about ordering. He says the Countyvise publisher went out of business in 2014, so the remaining options for getting a copy are to contact Andrew Tse to see if he has any left, or to look for second-hand copies eg from AbeBooks.

Peter has very kindly made a PDF copy of his book available to all at no charge, see: