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UPDATE: I've asked David to remove the PDF copy of the book from the Gwulo website, so it is no longer available for download. Copies of the printed book can still be found at Abe Books, Amazon, and the Hong Kong Public Library.

Peter A Hall
Heswall, March 2019


My book, “In the Web”, was first published in 1992 in England, after the Hong Kong University Press declined its publication after I refused to delete certain paragraphs from my book

I started by trying to research my Hong Kong Eurasian forbears.  However, this met with universal disapproval and a ‘closed shop’ attitude from my elders, including my family members.

After progressing as well as I was able with my paternal name HALL and my maternal name GITTINS, I then decided to find as many other Eurasian families linked to my own by marriage and other means.

This extended research would not have been possible without a huge amount of help from my good friend, the late Rev Carl T Smith, Honorary Vice President, The Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch.

On the back of my 2012 edition, he wrote:-

“For me personally, the contents are invaluable – and it is so convenient to have it altogether.”

My first edition sold over 1,500 copies; the 2012 edition, now out of print, updated the first edition as more information became available.

I now consider for those persons who may be interested in Hong Kong Eurasian family history, and who are unable to obtain any copy of my book, it was time to make it more readily available for research without any charge.

David Bellis has and is doing a grand job with his Gwulo website.  This seemed to me to be the ideal platform for my book, “In the Web”, to be made available for others interested in Hong Kong Eurasian history.

Peter A Hall
Heswall, April 2018

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Hi Peter

Sorry to switch topics on the thread here - but I wanted to ask you a question about one of your other works, on the development of cricket in HK? I recently came across the story of the beginnings of Craigengower cricket club - the development of an after school club on the side of a graveyard, the pioneering formation of the league in 1903, the social context (plague, restrictive property laws, ) the sporting context (the disastrous shipwreck in the late 19th century and its impact on the HK cricket team). I can't stop thinking about the story in the context of the sport today, potential for cricket's growth across East Asia, etc.

I'd be fascinated in reading a bit of your book on the history of the time - but I just wanted to know first whether you refer to Craigengower, and the formation of the cricket league and its immediate aftermath (popularity / attendance / growth of other teams etc)?

Anyway - thanks for reading, and I hope this fits with the forum guidelines.

Christy Romer

"David Bellis has and is doing a grand job with his Gwulo website.  This seemed to me to be the ideal platform for my book, “In the Web”, to be made available for others interested in Hong Kong Eurasian history.

Peter A Hall"

This sounds like it's available, but the next entry seems to contradict that, saying you've asked that it be removed? Sorry if I'm confused. I realize the post is a year old, but just wanted to find out which is correct if someone can let me know.




I confirm that the PDF copy of the book has been removed from this site and is no longer available to download.

As noted above, "Copies of the printed book can still be found at Abe Books, Amazon, and the Hong Kong Public Library."

Regards, David

The book in Abe Books, and Amazon is too expensive to afford. I know that's only my financial problem. But could you contact Mr.Hall whether he can permit to upload the PDF at some e-book paltform, such as google book? So that I can pay not so much and read. Thanks a lot

I made the electronic copy of my book, "In the Web" available to readers of gwulo, but unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to remove this availability.

I don't plan to make the electronic copy available again, but copies of the printed book can still be found, as described above.

Regards, Peter

Hello, Mr. Hall

To be honest, I am shocked when you said you had been finding your grandfather's grave in HongKong Cemetery, until Priscilla Ho introduced you to Chiu Yuen.

That really out of my expectation, as George Hall is the favorite son. So could I assume that your parents hadn't led you to Chiu Yuen or You hadn't entered in Chiu Yuen before Priscilla introduced?

Recently I found William Ah kew was born in the city where I live, hoping may I can find some thing about him in the future. I consider Ah kew is 阿球, as William chinese name is 瑞球. I have seen the kew family tree you submitted. Those names written in Pinyin, do the kew family have other branches in Guangzhou? 


I saw an e-book, amazingly finding Eric Ho was in the photo. 

Do you think in this one,  Norman Lo is son of MW Lo?

next to Eric, Photo of page 34 

Also could you recognize F.R.Zimmern is Francis Zimmern?   


Really hope that I can get your reply!


Page 34. I confirm that Norman Lo was a son of M.W Lo (Lo Man-wai). See also page 31. HKU Relay team - Norman Lo

page 58. Freddie Zimmern, solicitor & sportsman, is F Zimmern. F R Zimmern was Francis R Zimmern, stockbroker and Hong Kong Interport cricketer, whom I played with for Kowloon Cricket Club in the early 1950s.

Kind regards


According your confirmation, I now know Donld and Thomas Lo,in the book, were also son of MW Lo 

Tommy Lo was Thomas as the author said he lived in Napier, New Zealand.

So in Page 34, the photo "HKU Cricket First XI, 1948/49 Season" :

Tom Lo(the third standing left to right), I still haven't any idea, was he Norman's brother,Tommy? 

Hi,Mr. Hall

I remember you said your cousin steven killed in action and he was a DBS student.

In Diocesan Boy School's memorial Plaque, I see the name "Stephen Hall", This Stephen was in coy3 which Bevan Field was in too. Please see

So I consider he was your cousin, expecially when you asked your relatives whether your grandfather was called Stephen Hall,Dulcie said may be that's why my brother was named Steven.

Of course that 's also my confusion. Steven is your cousin's name or just his nickname? I know Steven's grave in Happy Vally with his parents." Steven Hall "carved on the gravestone. 

I see the obituary of Steven's father recorded that "stephen(son)"

Do you think your cousin Steven and Stephen I mentioned are the different person?

My cousin Stephen William Hall had his first christian name spelt in different ways:  Stephen, Steven & Steve.  However way spelt we are referring to the same person.

Bevan Field spelt his name as Steven.  The gravestone in the cemetery at Happy Valley, he is remembered as Steve.  In the Saiwan War Cemetery he is named as S.W.Hall.

At DBS he was always Stephen Hall.  On his HKVDC Certificate of Service it is S.W.Hall (Stephen).

As his father and grandfather's christian name spellings were: Stephen.  I confirm that Stephen is the correct spelling.


Kind regards


Peter Hall


I know you are  searching Kew Family. Kew Family was active in Hong Kong and other places in China. I may not offer much help in your Whitely family research, but I think this website can help you know more about the Kew family if you like it.  (just type card number: WYOSCHOOL and the pin of WYLD) 

not really know whether you will encounter the access problem, you can enter this  and then click in "Proquest Newspaper"

after you click in,please select the title "ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Chinese Newspapers Collection " or  "ProQuest Historical Newspapers: South China Morning Post" , which you can search the information you want more quickly.

this database contains South Morning China Post and some old newspaper published in China 

Also wish this website can help everyone, not just only Lyn.

Hi Peter! Hope this finds you WELL! Was Google checking Uncle Willy R.I.P. & your post GwuLo popped up! Before going further, pending your reply, my mother’s paternal  family are the Cheungs (Bush)…last resting in Chiu Yuen are Great Grand parents~Gt. Gt. Gr. ? Aunt… Looking forward to hearing from you, Alison (Liu)

James Daniel Bush married Victoria Ho, daughter of Ho Fook. Their remains were in Hong Kong Cemetery, instead of Chiu Yuen. James had two brother, Eldred and Willaim. But Eric Ho said, James also had a sister...

James was a professor in Sun Yat-sen university, Canton(now Guangzhou). He was a loyal Christian, may that why he was buried in Happy Valley