Original Beacon Hill Tunnel - South Portal [1910- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Original Beacon Hill Tunnel - South Portal [1910- ]

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I wonder how many lives were lost constructing the tunnel? 




                      THREE MEN SUFFOCATED


News reached the city on June 11 of a catastrophe which occurred in the Beacon Hill tunnel on Thursday night, causing the death of three Chinese workmen and necessitating the removal of five others to hospital. It appears that the victims proceeded to work too soon after a blasting charge had been fired, and were overpowered by gelatine fumes which, as stated, caused the death of three men and half-suffocated five others.”





Early on Thursday morning, a shocking discovery was made by some coolie women, who were employed on a hillside near the south face of the Beacon Hill tunnel. While removing earth they discovered the body of a man with his skull battered in and a piece of rope made fast round his neck. Appearances indicate foul play, but the police who are investigating the affair have not yet got on the trail. The murdered man was one of the night gang of coolies employed in the tunnel.”

Source: Hong Kong Weekly Press and China Overland Trade Report, page 516, 21st June 1909